Thursday, 25 May 2017

Harcamlow Way - a Partial Etching

Harcamlow Way – a partial etching

Time has etched out a much loved route, my feet
echoing themselves on old roads,
across the farm, beside the stream,
shaping the carved field lines,
curves and contours of the land
and then a sharp and sudden
angle onto the rising track
sloping slowly upwards into a wide
open Cambridge sky.

I walk down evolving seasons,
when the east harried winds shriek
their abrasive chill along the path,
when yellow beds of daffodils spread
in sudden preparation for the flush and roll of spring
and when three months later wild dog roses
nose the track with wedding arches, petalled pink,
nature sensing better the order of life
than recent man shaped gods.


"Harcamlow Way - A Partial Etching" is published in the poetry Collection "Years Ago You Coloured Me"
by J.S.Watts

Lapwing Publications (2016) ISBN 9781910855157

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