Monday 8 July 2024

Wrest Park Sunday

Having been a tourist in my own county last month, I thought I'd try someone else's county for my July blog post.

These are some highlights from a visit to Wrest Park, near Silsoe, in Bedfordshire. It's a lovely place. I can't believe I've lived close to it for so long without visiting it.

Apparently, people who watch Bridgerton may recognise some of these interiors...!

Photographing the photographers - a modern day Bridgerton?

Thursday 20 June 2024

Byron's Pool and Other South Cambridgeshire Pleasures

When you live somewhere you often don't do the touristy things, or at least I don't. So for a change, I took a walk along the river to Byron's Pool just outside Grantchester, went for a stroll round Trumpington Meadows and had a relaxing drink in Grantchester's famous Orchard Tearooms, surrounded by a few avian friends.

Byron's Pool