Sunday, 5 June 2016

Strawberry Fair 2016

On Saturday, 4th June, I spent most of the afternoon sat in a field (a.k.a Midsummer Common) in Cambridge. I was one of many poets and story tellers performing at Strawberry Fair (on the fabulous Wild Strawberries Stage).

I took a cheap pocket camera with me. I was only going to take a few photos. When the camera battery ran out (I was only going to take a few photos...) I took some photos on my phone. The quality of the snaps is therefore variable.

In total, I took over 210 photos of Strawberry Fair (remember the bit when I said I was only going to take a few photos...) and some of the Wild Strawberries performers (though by no means all). 197 of the photos have been posted on Facebook. Thanks to the vagaries of Facebook, these were not published in any real order. I have whittled it down still further to just over 100 pictures and am going to attempt to post them in some meaningful order. Hopefully they provide a take on my perspective of this year's event (or the elements of it that I saw).

Oh, should you be wondering about the welly boots -  they are mine. The only photo I took of myself throughout the afternoon. I don't do selfies.

Patrick Widdess
Fay Roberts and Emma Ormond

Fay Roberts
Nikki Marrone and Wesley Freeman-Smith

I probably should say that the lady with the horns is poet Fay Roberts, a very fine performance poet in her own right, a talented singer and the person behind the poetry organisation Allographic that runs the Wild Strawberries Tent

Marion Leeper

Ups Subba

There are now going to be a goodly number of photos of the maverick beat poetry performance duo that are The Antipoet. They are clever, fun, entertaining, frequently offensive and, for two "men of a muchness", remarkably photogenic. The photos have been whittled down, honest. I originally took a lot more!

The audience

Nikki Marrone

Nikki Marrone

Justin Thyme

Michael Brown

Michael Brown and Patrick Widdess

The Labyrinth

Mark Mcgivern

Tim Knight

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